Every person is worthy of being treated with care and respect fitting one made in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, classroom behavior should be characterized by genuine Christian care, mutual respect, and honesty.

Under no circumstances will a student or an adult be permitted to strike another or use abusive language for any reason. Lack of self-discipline during religion class will be addressed promptly.

The normal steps for disciplinary action will be:

1) Verbal correction by the Catechist.

2) Removal from class - child sent to coordinator

3) Incident report mailed to the parents by the catechist/coordinator.

4) Follow-up phone call by the catechist//coordinator.

5) Removal from class. Prior to this step, the catechist will have met with the program coordinator, reviewed the students misbehavior and the catechists adherence to the above disciplinary action and conclude that this step must be taken. Parents will be informed in writing of a studentís removal by the Program Coordinator.
A Parent/Student/Catechist/Coordinator conference will be arranged before the student will be allowed back into the classroom or program. The Pastor will also be informed in writing. The studentís removal from class, necessary changes in the studentsí behavior and the probationary time allowed will be noted in the studentís record.

6) Removal from program. Should the above steps go unheeded after a suitable probationary period; the Program coordinator will inform the studentís parents of the decision to permanently remove the student from the program. The Pastor will be informed in writing, and the decision will be attached to the studentís file. The Program Coordinators retain the right to omit one or more of the above steps whenever they deem it necessary.

Major Disciplinary Violations meriting an immediate response by the Catechists and the Program Coordinators are as follows:

Drugs/Alcohol/Substance Abuse (See substance abuse policy)
Harassment - Verbal or Physical (includes sexual)
Stealing or Damaging Parish /School Property
Jeopardizing a personís safety
Crude or Offensive Language
Weapons - possession of, threat of or suggestion of use

Substance Abuse Policy

Substance abuse is defined as the possession of, use of, or trafficking in any unauthorized, illegal drug, chemical, alcohol, or tobacco-like substance which can be introduced into the body through ingestion, inhalation, or injection. Any student found in possession of an illegal or unauthorized substance on parish property will be immediately suspended from the program. A conference with the parents/guardian, student and the Program Coordinator is mandatory for re-admittance to the program. Any student found in possession of or using any illegal, unauthorized substance a second time will be removed from the program. Any student trafficking in illegal substances, even for the first time, will be formally withdrawn from the program and the matter turned over to local authorities.

Suspension/Immediate Removal

Gross violations of program policies or any action which continually disrupts the learning environment, or endangers another student or the parish facilities can lead to suspension or immediate removal. The Program Coordinators can apply any of these actions when deemed necessary. Written notification will be sent to parents and student indicating the reason(s) for suspension. The Pastor will be notified when such action is taken. When a studentís presence constitutes a disruption or a threat, he/she may be immediately removed from the classroom. A conference will be held between the program personnel and parents before a student can be readmitted to the classroom or the program.