General Policies

Admission Policies

Registered and supporting members of Incarnation Parish may register their children in the Parish Religious Education Programs. Consult with the CRE¼... there are a few out of parish attendees. Out of parish attendees will be required to pay additional fees.

Parent/Guardian Consent
Due to Archdiocesan Policy requiring written consent by parent or guardian to allow children to participate in parish programs (Decree on Child Protection, C.2). A child’s custodial parent(s) /guardian must give written consent to register a child in the Parish Religious Education Program. The custodial parent/guardian’s signature will also signify that the signer has read, understands, and supports the policies contained in the Parent/Student Handbook. Parents are asked to review the Handbook contents with their children.

Non-discrimination Policy
Incarnation Parish Religious Education Program admits students of any sex, race color, national and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to program participants. It does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race color, or national origin in the administration of its programs or the recruitment of its teachers.

Catch-up Catechesis
Elementary or High School Students, who enter our programs after extended periods of time without formal education, and those who transfer from other programs, will be assessed by the Program Coordinator for their grade level readiness around the time of registration. Remedial assistance will be provided if needed. Some special sessions, or the completion of the children’s catechumenate process, may be required before students are admitted to regular class sessions.

Students who enter our parish religious education programs without having been prepared for one or more of the initiation sacraments normally provided to their peers are provided instruction through special classes. Parents are asked to bring such special sacrament preparation needs to the attention of the Program Coordinator at the time of registration before classes begin.

Special Needs Program
Children in Early Childhood, Elementary, or High School with special learning needs are welcome and included in our programs. Parents are asked to indicate their children’s special needs at registration time.

Rights of Non-custodial Parents
Both parents have the right of access to a child’s religious education progress reports and achievement information unless one parent produces a legal (court certified) document to the contrary. The Elementary Religious Education Program will supply a mid-term and final progress report to the non-custodial parent upon request, which must be in writing. Changes in the child’s normal routine must be approved by the custodial parent/guardian. No child will be dismissed from our programs to the non-custodial parent without the written consent of the custodial parent/guardian.

Financial Policies
Tuition and Fees: Incarnation Parish provides a significant portion of the costs for our Early Childhood, Elementary, and High School Programs. Families with children registered in these programs are asked to pay a percentage of program costs. Families are to pay the entire fee at registration or make special arrangements with the administrative assistant.

Families who are unable to pay are asked to contact the Pastor by letter to explain their situation and request partial or full waiver of fees. Such matters are kept confidential.

Refund Policy
Families, who withdraw from PREP before the scheduled start date, will be entitled to a full refund upon notifying the Religious Education Office at 433-3377.

Families who withdraw children from our programs after the start of classes will be entitled to a partial refund. (Maximum of 50%) pro-rated according to the balance of classes remaining in that year at the time of withdrawal.

Changing Class
If a request for a class change is made by a parent, either for a different class or a different day a $10.00 fee will be charged.

Perfect attendance is anticipated and necessary for continuity. If illness occurs, a note should accompany the child to the next class. A parent will be contacted by that child’s teacher by phone or mail if no note is received after two consecutive absences.

Child Protection Policy
Child Abuse includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1) Engaging in sexual activity with a child
2) Denial of proper or necessary subsistence, education, medical care, or other care necessary for the child’s health
3) Use of restraint procedures on a child that cause injury or pain
4) Administration of prescription drugs or medication without the ongoing supervision of a licensed physician
5) Providing alcoholic beverages or controlled substances
6) Commission of any act, other than by accidental means that threatens or results in any injury or death to the child

The Director and Coordinators of Parish Religious Education Programs are required by the Ohio Revised Code and Archdiocesan Policy on Child Protection to report suspected or actual child abuse or neglect to the proper authorities.

Class and Home Assignments
Catechists in the Elementary Religious Education Program do assign class work and homework as needed. Elementary students are expected to complete all class and home assignments.